These wood-fired, terra cotta pieces were developed from my work on the Mother Earth series of sculptures. They contain elements of previous works, but the emphasis is now predominantly concerned with both line and form. The stylized folds of clothing, which are fashioned in graceful and sinuous lines, emerge from a base shaped and decorated to suggest the elements of earth and water and give form to the pieces. Spiralling up from these elemenal forms the sculptures take on the shape of a female figure, who is both of the earth and from the earth, both creation and creator. As a personification of the female attributes of creativity and prosperity, fertility and nurturing, she symbolises the cyclical nature of life. The surface treatments vary with each composition. None are glazed, but most include an area decorated using a mixture of talc, shellac and a colouring agent. This is applied in layers, smoothed using fine grained emery paper and finally waxed and buffed to a high gloss, to give the appearance of polished stone. Some areas are decorated using an oil based colourant and others are treated with metallic paints, yet other parts of the surface remain as they were when removed from the fire pit and simply cleaned and polished.