This piece is about about beginnings and endings and life’s journey along the way:

• The ravens are the bringers of life, death, and rebirth. They take the souls home to the Tree of Life to be protected in the cauldron containing life’s forces which are reborn each spring time.
• The tree with it’s new leaves coming forth represents Spring, a time of new beginnings.
• The weary warrior rests to replenish for another journey.
• The standing stones are representative of our past and time gone by, our history and links to the present. Glastonbury Tor rises high on the hill in the background with the dawning of a new day and new hope.
• The new green leaf foliage flows into the celtic knotwork symbolizing the beginning of a new journey on life’s continuum.
• The spirals and borders are indicative of the Celts love for decoration adding richness with balance, peace, and calm.