This Tree of Life image is based on a cerebral angiogram Iunderwent after suffering a brain aneurysm in April of 2002.After weeks of treatment and months of recuperation, I finally felt healthy enough to address my illness through my art.

The very shape of the X-ray image and the implied symbolism of the Tree of Life legend (continuation, hope for the futureRecovery) led me to create this personally meaningful image. I have used the intertwining of the celtic knot work as a metaphor for life’s journey. The knot work encloses golden rosettes which are in the form of spirals, symbolizing both the continuation of the journey and eternal energy. The golden colour of the rosettes represents the enduring optimism of the next sunrise and the continuing odyssey, where one never ceases striving to conquer the plains and mountains of life’s endeavours. Life’s journey is forever heading towards the next sunrise, never knowing what the future may bring.

Birds are representative of freedom from the physical restrictions of earthbound life, and the ascent of the soul to the gods, either through mystical experience or death. Because they come from the skies they also assume the role of messengers from higher powers, whether for good or ill. One dark - and one light -coloured bird as seen here denote the dual nature of reality (darkness and light, life and death, etc.).