Grahame AtkinsonAn Englishman
by birth and a Celt by nature, Grahame was born in the small town of Bacup, Lancashire, England. He studied ceramics to postgraduate level at Loughborough College of Art and received an Art Teaching Diploma from Leicester University. He taught for sixteen years at a number of different educational institutions in England, culminating at the Dulwich Foundation. He was accepted as a Fulgright teacher in 1987 and spent a year in Pendleton, South Carolina. During this time he was invited to work with the students at Clemson University as an artist-in-residence. Since September of 1990 he has made his home in Longmont, Colorado, with his wife Val and their dog and cat.

"My artwork reflects an abiding interest in the Celtic peoples who populated Europe between 800 B.C. and the birth of Christanity. The myths, legends, arts and crafts of the Celts provide me with a springboard for a personal investigation of design and ancient belief manifested in my sculptures.
For some time now I have been working on an investigation of the idea of “The Earth Mother.” A spiritual figure who is both from the earth and of the earth, both creation and creator. This concept holds a certain fascination for me and however much my work varies in form and context the idea of an individual being the embodiment of all things natural is one to which I constantly return.
I use the female figure as metaphor. In her I see the personification of the interconnectedness of nature and humanity and the cyclical character of existence. The figure grows from the graceful shapes which form the base, suggestive of water but decorated as stone. She is sometimes pregnant , but not always. She embodies the past, present and the future and is always looking forward to new horizons. She is, and always will be, the genesis of the Earth’s bounty.”